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Are you looking to build your brand? Are you looking for a platform that will support you and help you grow Australia-wide and/or internationally?

Australia is looking for its next Miss Pre-Teen, Miss Teen, Miss, Ms, Mrs Australia International 2024! Our 2024 queens will be invited to attend the International Pageant in July 2024 in Tennessee USA and meet queens from around the world!

Our system helps build leaders! By deciding to take this step to help elevate your profile and serve your community, doors will open, and this is where dreams are created.

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Australian International
Previous Title Holders
Laura Viskovich
Mrs Australia International 2020
Elise Gitau
Miss Teen Australia International 2022
Veronica Andrea
Mrs Australia International 2012
Australian International Pageant
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Health & Fitness

To be a top performer at anything you need a mind, body, and soul connection. A healthy body and healthy mind will lead you to a successful journey in life. To be in optimal health we need to nourish our insides with nutrition to allow our outside to shine.



To find success in life the secret ingredient is the confidence that helps you achieve. The international system helps ladies find their inner selves, so they can find their life's purpose and go out and make a difference.



In this system, you are judged on your interview. In life, we are interviewed for jobs and other areas but we are never interviewed on what we are really passionate about!

"This system has established itself as an organization with integrity, high ethical standards, and consistent application of its rule and regulation."

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